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Paul sticht, professor of international business at duke. More than 5,000 terms related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking, tax laws, and transactions in the various financial markets are presented alphabetically with descriptions. Term the period of time during which a contract is in force. Having launched it originally in 2004 we have now updated it with modern. Wiki software has been developed to ease the editing process. A slang term used to refer to something favorable that has happened in business. Pdf the dictionary of financial and economic terms is the first. Glossary of financial and business terms over 2,500 entries. A record that holds the results of financial transactions. If you are in any way involved in business, this is a must have. A common element of a financial plan that describes projected capital spending and. Know the glossary of financial terms and definitions alphabetically, which are most commonly use in indian finance. This can be thought of as the statement of the net worth of a business. Here are 10 essential finance terms every entrepreneur needs to.

Glossary of business terms adjective adj headwords for adjectives followed by information in square brackets only before a noun and not before a noun show any restrictions on where they can be used. For example, term life insurance lasts only for a certain number of years. A wiki is generally an online dictionary or encyclopedia. The amount is set out in the companys memorandum of association. The discount rate that reflects only the business risks of a project and abstracts from the effects of financing. Improve your financial literacy with this dictionary of financial terms.

Small business refers to any company that has a maximum of 500 employees, per the definition set by the united states own sba small business administration. The property may, in such a case, be reverted to a person. This resource will also give guidance to management and staff who work in the financial services sector, money advisers, the. Incomeprofit results when a businesss income is greater than its expenses. Acceleration clause loan adjustable rate mortgage arm mortgage adjustment date.

Our glossary of business terms provides definitions for common terminology and acronyms in business plans, accounting, finance, and other aspects of small business. The most comprehensive investing glossary on the web. Small business is explained in detail and with examples in the trading edition of the herold financial dictionary, which you can get from amazon in ebook or paperback edition. Closing stock the stock you have in your business at the end of the trading. Dictionary of business terms barrons business guides. The great recession and the years following it have brought business and financial terms more frequently to the pages of nonspecialist newspapers. Cash flow the movement of money in and out of your business. Want to easily navigate through financial and trading terminology. When someone procures your products or services they usually have to pay instantly or within 30 days. Glossary of financial terms and definitions alphabetically. A businesss assets minus its liabilities equal its shareholders equity i. Private limited company a company jointly owned by the people who have invested in it, they buy shares and become shareholders, have. The equation that is the basis of the balance sheet. These terms may come up in meetings with potential investors, partners, and clients, so its important to be aware of them and to understand how they might affect your business.

Learn the most commonly used terms in finance, business and the stock market. Here are an az glossary of business terms and definitions arranged in an alphabetical order. Starting from a to z, complicated financial terms are explained in an easytounderstand and clear manner, so that you can master the glossary with little effort. The following glossary is designed to help nonfinance experts understand some of the terminology used in public agency financial management. Financial statement of a business that reports the revenue, expenses and the net income loss of a business for the fiscal period. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

In business and economics terms, an export can be any kind of commodity or other good that is utilized in trade and transported out of one nation into another nation. An authorised party acting on behalf of another party. So called because assets must equal or in other words be in. The period of time during which a fixedincome security, investment, or agreement is in force. This az pocket guide to understanding financial terms is just one of the achievements of ebss partnership with nala. Liquidity the ease with which a financial asset can be turned into cash glossary of terms continued. It builds on the environmental accounting glossary prepared in 20 by wassim youssef, volunteer of the said division. A service that oversees, measures, and evaluates financial information for decision making purposes. Phone 2015680249 glossary of utility finance and accounting terms used in our seminars. A debtor, as the term suggests, is someone who is in debt to you. In the world of business and finance there is a lot of jargon, or normal everyday words but with different meanings. This glossary of financial terms and definitions is designed to help you grow your financial confidence and inform your decisions. Accounting methods where cash earned during a lease is periodically removed from the lessors investment account according to a fixed proportion of the balance outstanding.

This is a report and opinion, by an independent person or firm, on an organisations financial records. Learn and know the meaning of these finance terms by their definitions here at the economic times. Collateralized debt obligations cdo a collateralized debt obligation is a financial structure that groups individual loans, bonds, mortgages or other assets in a portfolio, which is pooled, sliced up and resold to investors. Abandonment is defined as the voluntary surrender of property which may either be owned or leased, without naming a successor as owner or tenant. New technology has helped in selecting entries for the dictionary. Dictionary of finance and investment terms barrons. En pdf dictionary of financial and business terms student. Working on this glossary, we went through many authoritative glossaries to pick up the useful contemporary words for the readers of this. The term is used to distinguish money in the business, but not necessarily in physical form i. Learn about our international trade and investment centre which helps canadian leaders better understand what global economic dynamics mean for public policies and business strategies. Crossborder risk refers to the volatility of returns on international investments caused. Noun n the codes c and u show whether a noun, or a particular sense of a noun, is countable an agenda, two agendas or uncountable. To start and run a business, you often need to understand business terms that may not be well defined in a standard dictionary.

Financial terms and definitions page 2 the economic times. Definition of financial terms advance corporation tax. An abridged or estimated invoice sent by a seller to a buyer in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. As such, there are some basic financial terms every entrepreneur should know as their business grows. Click on the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the financial term to get the definition. As a businessperson, it can be embarrassing and a detriment to be placed in an environment such as a loan office or a meeting with business associates. No matter what business you go into youre likely to hear these terms. Go through the glossary of financial terms and know the meaning of all financial terms through their definitions here at the economic times.

An online project allowing any participant to comment, add, delete or change the product. Glossary of business terms and definitions business zeal. The weighted average of a countrys export prices relative to its import prices. An alphabetical glossary of financial and business terms, plus their definitions. A form of corporation, allowed by the irs for most companies with 35 or fewer shareholders, which enables the company to enjoy the benefits of incorporation but be taxed as if it were a partnership.

Complete economics dictionary complete economics dictionary. While it is relatively small, it provides concise, easy to understand definitions for some 7000 business terms. Fais public utility finance and accounting seminars seminars for professionals concerned with electric, gas and water companies financial accounting institute p. Authorised share capital this is the highest amount of share capital that a company can issue.

The new ninth edition has been updated to take account of new financial regulations and recent dramatic swings in equities, credit, and other financial developments. Revenue amount of money that a company earns expenses costs of maintaining and operating a business. For example, an employee receiving a raise may reply with the words cool beans, upon receiving the news. The dictionary of business terms is an excellent reference for business people, educators, and students, alike. The word export refers to a good or service that is sold and shipped out of a country.

Partnership a group or association of between 2 and 20 people who agree to own and run a business together. Best of all, it can fit quite easily in your pocket. It could be a person, like a customer, or a business, like a client. Appreciation in the value of a currency a rise in the rate at which a national currency can be exchanged for another currency or currencies, i.

The period of time during which an individual serves in an office. Handy definitions of financial and economic jargon from libor and quantitave easing to black swans and dead. Those listed on the stock exchange must produce information on their profits six months into the financial year. Public agency financial management frequently involves terms that are unfamiliar to nonexperts, the definitions of which also involve other unfamiliar. Dictionary of financial, economic, and business terms. Glossary of business terms a to z business the guardian. Investopedias comprehensive financial terms dictionary with over 00 finance and investment definitions.

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